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Managing your ad production just got easier

Alauras' Ad Management solution was requested by yellow page publishers and advertising agencies to create new levels of efficiency in the art production process. Alauras' Ad Management system is a encrypted, secure, web based application built on new industry standard technology and designed from the ground up to provide a single point of access for all of your ad production managers, artists and sales teams.

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As a production manager, you are no longer limited to who, what, when, where or how. Through Alauras' Ad Management solution you can now assign jobs to artists anywhere in the world. You can monitor progress through reports which detail their average completion time, quality level and even customer acceptance. Jobs can be quickly reassigned or updated with notes for revision. This internet based system creates new efficiencies by providing all of these features 'real time'.

When a job is completed, the Alauras system will notify you, allowing you to route the online proof to the sales rep and customer for approval. This online proofing tool can help eliminate the problematic delay between art completion and customer approval. New levels of efficiency can immediately be achieved. Utilizing the Alauras solution makes the process of ad production seamless to your sales force, production team and most importantly to your customer.

Key Functionality Includes...

  • Internet based
  • Customizable work flows
  • Real time monitoring of each job
  • Easily accessible ad archive
  • Proofing via internet
  • Monitor for all levels of production and management