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If you could immediately leverage the latest technology to advance your business, why wouldn't you? Like all of our clients, you would want efficient and high impact custom solutions that easily integrate and allow the continued use of trusted systems.

Unfortunately your standard options are either large scale expensive systems that provide unrelated functionality that will go under-utilized, or boxed programs from off the shelf that only work around the edges of your business. Maybe you have considered custom solutions by firms with the required technical competence but worry about their ability to understand your industry, business focus and specific needs.

What you really need is a solution that exactly mirrors your requirements while simply and completely interfacing with your existing IT investment. A solution which is quickly implemented and has immediate and discernible impact. A solution designed by a team of professionals skilled in leveraging the latest technology and who know your industry and business segment.

Our team's custom development efforts can answer the need for integration of existing systems or creation of a needed custom solution. Alauras Software provides the latest technology to achieve the most efficient solution for its customers. Solutions, software and custom development offering a competitive advantage by career yellow page professionals.

Alauras Software is a located in Northern Virginia and maintains a partner status with Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle among others. We are a trusted resource for outsourced development and have delivered our projects on time and at budget 98% of the time to date. When purchasing or developing a new application, taking a detailed assessment of existing legacy systems is a critical step. Most companies have made significant investments over the years in systems to support ongoing business operations. Therefore it is rare that any manager can consider a new IT solution, toolset or even a small application without significant thought about integration.

Your organization may have secured the latest publishing tool or a state of the art billing system but also know the need for a full feature CRM, sales force automation solution or a secure web interface. Or your organization may have acquired two new systems from disparate vendors, both assuring you that seamless integration was easily achieved only to find it is not. Any integration requires planning and a thorough knowledge of outcome requirements. Referred to as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), these integration efforts can be simple and straight forward - or frustrating and expensive. The correct development partner will determine which.

Alauras Software has a wide range of experience with of EAI. Whether the needed integration is data, application, method or UI we can provide the solution required. As development specialists we have had the opportunity to enable our advanced solutions across multiple platforms and over a significant number of legacy systems. Our teams are skilled and experienced, fully understanding what needs to be done to insure seamless integration of a legacy system or the development of a custom solution. With Alauras there are no costly surprises and few limitations. On time, on budget and on target - it's the Alauras way.

All business ecos have been affected by globalization to some degree. Whether it's a European supplier or a new market abroad, never before has internationalization been more important. The ability to communicate and transact business in multiple languages, currencies and cultures has become nearly a requirement. Many businesses are taking the first step in meeting these needs by establishing multi-lingual web content only to find that expectations extend to their intranet, extranet and ASP access of mission critical systems.

Finding a software development team that understands foreign languages, appreciates culture diversity and has the technical background to provide efficient effective IT solutions could be difficult. Fortunately, this is a cornerstone in the evolution of Alauras Software. Our firm has sought out and hired programming staff from locations internationally, looking for the best and brightest to create Alauras solutions. We maintain dedicated programming staff in five countries who speak an average of three languages. Few companies can provide internationalization as naturally in the course of software development as Alauras. Whether it is adding multilingual capabilities in a web interface or multiple languages to an ASP legacy system overlay, Alauras can provide the solution.

While Alauras Software can provide enterprise level internationalized web sites and basic web business tools, we excel at strategic web planning for your business. As the web evolves, more businesses are leveraging ASP based solutions and enjoying greater efficiencies and broader markets. Building ASP based tools enables your business to take command of the web and use it as never before. Alauras can put your sales force, customer service department and marketing efforts online, generating more sales, more satisfied customers and a deeper understanding of your market. If you can envision a web tool or solution that simplifies your business model and creates new efficiencies in day to day operations, we can supply it.