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Alauras Software is dedicated to enhancing YP publisher productivity by providing superior technical solutions that create new efficiencies in day to day operations, enable individualization of customers and provide a competitive edge. We focus on the success of our customers by delivering high-value solutions and support, while striving for continuous improvement in everything we do.

Five years ago our founders were faced with the need to acquire a robust CRM system to support concurrently; sales efforts of online yellow pages, internet advertising sales and corporate business development activity. The readily available options for this task were limited or exceedingly expensive from major CRM providers. While 'price per seat' charges appeared reasonable, the total expense for implementation of these systems ran above $200,000s without integration or any customization. Additionally, most of these systems offered a great deal of functionality that was incidental or unneeded to the core requirements.

Alauras founders' engaged a team of their own developers. Utilizing the latest software technology, they initiated an effort that has resulted in an advanced, robust, secure and cost effective system that is successfully competing against offerings from recognized Fortune 500 companies. Further work and partnership directly with our clients and end users, has yielded solutions that are unique to each industry segment that it is designed to serve.

As of today, the original development team is still in place and new teams have been added to meet the demand for continued improvement, additional solutions and expanding markets. The company is proud to claim association with some of the most creative project managers and programmers available. Efforts are evolving and new industry specific CRM offerings are being evaluated, designed and prepared for release.

Our success is based on providing industry specific CRM solutions that offer the best technology, create the most efficiency and guarantee the greatest impact for our clients.


Alauras Software maintains its headquarters and principal business operations in Northern Virginia just outside Washington, DC. The company maintains four development teams, operating in the US, Lithuania, Romania and Ukraine. All of our development teams are made up of senior level programmers with advanced degrees.