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Managing your customer just got much easier.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become a key determinant in the success of sales teams and businesses worldwide. Now this powerful philosophy is available in a yellow page specific solution.

Alauras Software CRM is a secure, web-based Customer Relationship Management application built on new industry standard technology and designed from the ground up to provide a single point of access for all of your customer data.

Our hosted solution ensures that all of your customer, contract and contact information is easily accessible from the office, from home, or on the road. Anywhere that you can connect to the Internet, you can have access to the data you need. No extra software to be installed and managed by the IT department. No data loss when your computer crashes. Your data is safe and secure, protected by advanced firewalls and available on secure SSL-encrypted web servers.

Know your contacts

Keeping track of clients - and prospective clients - is easy with our contact management tools. All phone numbers, addresses, and a wide range of other vital customer information is just a click away. On the road and away from the office? Need to know info about a contact? Just access the CRM via the net and you are empowered with any info needed.

Understand your accounts

There's more to an account than a phone number and contact name. That's why all of the account information is available in one interface. You can access contract information, notes, contacts, proposals and affiliate data from the same screen, giving you the ability to rapidly and reliably locate the information you need when you need it.

Organize your territory

Contracts, like all data in the Alauras Software CRM, are highly secure, searchable and sortable. Focusing on large accounts? A specific book close? Top revenue generators? You have the flexibility to create custom views and prioritize the contract information the way you need to see it anywhere and at anytime.

Manage your activities

Every day is filled with activities. With our activity tracking system, you can keep track of your workload and ensure that your goals are met. Every sales rep has the ability to manage their own activity list, providing a quick and easy way to manage their schedule.

Automate your Sales Force

Efficiency is the sales reps key to success. The more efficient they can be, the more time that is available for prospecting and selling. Our time management, location mapping and proposal generation tools all provide more opportunity for increasing the time available for generating revenue and decrease the time required for support efforts.

'Individualize' your Customer

No customer wants to feel he is one of many. Any long term business relationship is dependent on a customer understanding that they are important and unique. An understanding that you have an interest in their success and truly value the relationship is critical to a long term relationship. Alauras CRM provides the ability to gather and archive important facts about your customers to insure each is treated and valued individually.

Monitor your Competition

Collecting information on competitive threats has never been more important to maintaining market share. Alauras CRM provides efficient methods to collect, archive and utilize this information in the effort to insure that your customers stay your customers.

Key Functionality Includes...

  • Internet access to all mission critical information of your business
  • Efficient contact management solution including activity tracking
  • Automated YP proposal generation, location mapping and ROI calculator
  • Quick monitoring tools for canvass management
  • Customizable to achieve a detailed level of customer profiling
  • Advanced hierarchical monitoring for all levels of management and sales
  • Accessible archive of previous proposals, correspondence and contracts