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Digitize your YP publishing business

Alauras Internet Yellow Pages Portal is a final element for making your YP publishing business digital and, thus, available to the clients worldwide. This is the cutting edge and progressive technology that boosts your business breakthrough, helps moving it to the digital market and opens the new horizons for profit. We've gathered the world's leading directories publishers experience, accumulated best practices and developed an up to date and tailor made software product line especially for YP publishers. Alauras IYP Portal is the final element for the digitizing of YP publishing business and bringing it to a new level. Its innovative technology will help to move traditional YP-business companies to the digital world and opens new possibilities for development.

Top-notch IYP achievement

Standardized items of advertising are available for sale through the CRM with custom offerings available through the development efforts, which makes the system well integrated and compatible with the other Alauras technologies even more. Key benefits:
  • Banner Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Network Elements
  • Media Content Management
  • Customized services for better advertisement result achievement

'Individualize' your Advertiser

The ability to create an attractive company profile is one of the cornerstones of using Alauras technology. Fully client-customized services is the guarantee of successful team, campaign or advertising and directory internet yellow pages management. Personalizing of your Advertiser is what now is one of the most sought after features among the I-net solutions, and that's what Alauras YP internet services can provide you with on a regular basis.

Advertiser planning strategies

Yp Internet advertising is impossible without an effective planning and scheduling, distribution of tasks and fruitful communication with the timely feedback. This is what Alauras management tools offer to the clients. Alauras Publishing Platform is a well crafted and comprehensive set of software modules for the YP business automation: CRM, Online Proofing, AD Management and Publishing system, which altogether integrate and deliver a full state-of-the-art solution, effective and value-added for YP sales and production operations. No matter where your publishing is based: in the US, or Singapore, if it's web based, everyone will be able to reach it in a few seconds! Alauras yellow pages internet advertising is just what you need.

Experienced project managers

Today, the most winning companies are those that offer not merely the products, but associated services, consulting and support. Alauras Software serves Yellow Page publishers and is able to provide the full spectrum of services from product management to timely support and guarantee the maximum process customization with the next options:

  • Cutting edge YP-software product line for publishers,
  • Experienced project managers,
  • Own R&D to provide needed customization.

Experienced project managers can add to the process. They are available all year round to consult, support and provide feedback and lead the business in the right direction. With easy and fast Internet communication system and technical support, your business will always be under control and will thrive faster.