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What Is CRM?

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Our company required a sales focused, customer-centric application (CRM) to help meet emerging competitive threats. Alauras' understanding of the yellow page business, software solutions and our requirements, enabled a CRM / sales automation solution that is now a corner stone of our continued success.

Robby Polk, VP of Sales, Global Directories, Ltd.

It‘s a technical philosophy

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is actually a technical philosophy as much as an IT solution. The goal of any CRM system is to capture and provide complete information about every customer, while empowering every department in your organization to interact with each customer seamlessly. A true CRM enables every customer's complete activity to be archived, analyzed and forecasted. Through a CRM system the customer can then be appropriately profiled and 'individualized', enabling by your entire organization - every department - to treat them in the manner that they prefer. By 'individualizing' the customer, they get more of what they need and want from your organization and less of what they don't. It also guarantees that every department speaks from the same point of reference, guaranteeing seamless customer communication. Through the use of a CRM, Sales, Customer Service, Production and Finance all have access to the same information and can see an archive of activity across all departments. The CRM philosophy has unquestionably generated stronger ties between empowered businesses and their customers, resulting in competitive advantages that are difficult to challenge. The success stories are abundant. Greater success and quicker team acceptance are more likely with a CRM built specifically for your industry segment.

I was told our current system has CRM...

Chances are you may have asked the provider of one of your current systems - or a system you are considering - if it includes CRM. Undoubtedly they have stated, "Yes, we have CRM". Don't be mislead. Unfortunately, most systems include only some limited CRM functionality with little or no integration across multiple platforms. Few current publishing tools on the market have more than a token of functionality dedicated to this important charge. The question you should ask is whether they have a full CRM solution that can provide a competitive advantage.

What should it include?

A true CRM should include the following 8 attributes. Without each of these, your system is not a true full featured CRM solution. Solutions that can empower your organization and create significant competitive advantages are available to you. Accepting less than the standard described will provide less benefit - and the expense in acquisition and implementation will likely be the same.

  • 360 Degree Customer View - Any member of your organization should be able to the see 'who, what, when, where and how' of every interaction completed with a customer. Everyone in your organization should be able to interface with the customer as a team with a singular focus.
  • Real Time Visibility - All information should be updated real time so others in your organization have instantaneous access to customer history, changes in customer preferences or recent developments in a customer profile. Only a web enabled application can truly provide this proactive benefit.
  • Tactical Customization - Different people in your organization have differing requirements. A sales rep, a marketing manager, a finance manager, all use the same information in a variety of ways. Customizable dashboards and reports allow everyone to have access to the same information as they require.
  • Easy App Integration - A wide variety of IT applications exist in the average business. Having a CRM that is built to integrate with any application your business currently relies on enables low integration impact.
  • Detailed Business Metrics - A true CRM can provide detailed trending for sales, customer service, finance, etc. Statistical reports and trending empowers and enlightens a CRM enabled organization.
  • Unlimited Data Capture - There should be no limit on what or how much information is captured. Your business should be able to determine what is needed, create an archive quickly and secure it instantaneously.
  • Customer Analytics - What a customer bought in the past can indicate what they may buy in the future. Archived information on past proposals and purchase history can provide a significant advantage to the current sales rep's approach.
  • Sales Force Automation - Through sales force automation, repeated tasks - like territory management, proposal generation and contact management - can be completed for the sales rep, providing them more time for selling and securing customer data. This enables the CRM to become more efficient in securing additional information which will ultimately impact business results.

What results should I expect?

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Stronger customer relationships
  • Increased sales
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Decreased customer churn
  • Decreased sales churn
  • Better insight into new opportunities
  • Enhanced ability to compete

How difficult is it to implement?

Based on modularized structure of our solution, Alauras CRM can be employed quickly and easily within virtually any media business. Because our CRM solution is industry specific and has been built to integrate with a wide variety of legacy systems, base implementation in most cases is quick and straight forward. The flexible nature of our solution also enables Alauras CRM to integrate with smaller applications your business has come to depend on. Whether it be a custom billing system, an ad management solution or your own sales forecasting tool, all can provide mission critical information to the CRM for distribution. Through customizable dashboards and reporting, your team will quickly look to the Alauras CRM as a one single point of reference for all mission critical information. The industry specialization, the ease of access and the detailed reporting offered all work in concert to enhance quick acceptance by your team.

Beyond functionality, the acceptance and daily use of the system by your team is a critical factor in any CRM's successful implementation. We provide ongoing support and training to insure this technical philosophy is quickly adopted.