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Managing your publication process just got easier.

Alauras Publishing Platform is a comprehensive set of the YP business automation software modules, which are seamlessly integrated and deliver a complete state-of-the-art solution for the effective and value-added YP sales and production operations. Alauras Publishing System is a set of modules those allow to automate the publication process for the books of any sizes and complexity. alauras products structure The data source for the publishing system is Alauras CRM, which consolidates all the information from the sales process (contracts (e-contracts), items, prices, discounts, etc..). The publishing system has interfaces with Alauras AD Management which is Art production workflow centric system and Adobe InDesign™, which is the best proven Desktop based design tool, used in publishing worldwide.


Think about it. How far in advance are you closing off sales canvass before the book closes for pre-pagination, weeks maybe months. With our pagination software, you now can continue to keep your sales force out there for few extra weeks. Our layout software with all data imported into the system can paginate a complete directory in just a matter of minutes instead of days and weeks or in some cases months. The value should be very clear, added selling time by one week can be the difference in making or breaking a book goal. Not to mention the savings on actual time for manually laying out every ad and every filler. Human errors, is reduced to a minimum less hands on and more time to proofing and editing. Let's face it sometimes human errors unfounded can be the most costly.

Manage your Billing

Billing module allows to consolidate the billing connected information with the set of the functional modules, forms, reports. Different billing connected functionality spread with in different Alauras Publishing Platform modules. For example within the Alauras CRM, sales reps see the customer billing status, status of the generated invoices, etc. Publishing team sees specific reports those allow to show the paid invoices, not paid invoices, etc. Billing module generates invoices automatically, based on the configuration parameters.

Calculate Commissions easily

Commissions module is intended to calculate commissions for the sales reps and account the commissions payouts. Enroll your Books and create sales leads quickly Book enrollment is the process of enrollment the last year Books into the new year Book using a mapping table which points items in the previous year book and appropriate items in the new year book. The last year books contracts define the new year book leads and this is a way the system builds reports, diagrams, calculates RBS/RAS and other values. Alauras Software automates and simplifies the tasks necessary to create sales leads, to provide a fair and equitable market break, and to ensure your sales reps go out armed with the most accurate and current lead information.

Your Free listings management

Free listings management module allows to import free listings for Yellow pages section and for the White pages section. There are two different formats allowed. After the import the module allows to clean the free listings tables, find duplicated ones based on the address, phone and other attributes.

Pagination module

The pagination module introduced by a web based Pagination configuration module and a the Pagination Tool. Pagination configuration is a set of settings, those configure the book pagination parameters for each style, colors, fonts, etc -all required for the automatic pagination. The pagination software allows you design a blueprint to match your project. Page size, inner and outer margins, space between listing, and ad sizes are fully and easily adjustable. Ad layouts are organized alphabetically, by size, by seniority, or manually. Everything with the directory will auto-flow though-out the balance of the directory.