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YP Mobile advertising

With the globalization and progression of the Internet, the professional online administrations have completely surpassed the out-dated traditional professional publishing systems or at least are doing it now. Under such circumstances, online Publishing Business portals that have mobile apps are now more favored over the old-fashioned printing companies. That gives Alauras a push to establishing the brand new solutions. YP Mobile app is a must for a modern, dynamically developing company who cares about the customers and strives for the ultimate result with the minimum time and money expenses. By presenting a new generation app, Alauras shows a stable position on the market and keeps pace with time. Yp mobile applications is the next step in your publishing business development and bringing it to a new level.

What is YP Mobile

The basic service is online database with their company offers. IYP provides access to them. But YP mobile widget is another option to access the database when you're on the way. It's the best opportunity to stay connected, no matter what, without any harm for the business. Everything will go tandem, because information should be updated and flow from one solution to another smoothly. That's how Alauras products seamless integration works here.

Alauras YP Mobile app – a new option to access the World

This option has been introduced to the Yellow Page management with the most recent advancements, which not just help YP ca mobile users, or some distant area YP mobile al publishers, but the users from all over the world to effectively find the organization they are interested in, and use it to the fullest. This additionally gives a better critical acceptance of the value of publicizing accomplices. An upgraded solution gives a client a better experience and incorporates components such as:

  • Predictive search,
  • Social network elements,
  • Banner Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Rich display advertising that helps the buyer settle on an informative decision and much more.

Technical features:

  • Native ios/android solutions,
  • Long-playing and global application development,
  • Seamless integration with Alauras YP-CRM and IYP-portal.

YP Mobile app is developed as a flawless approach to enter the online business sector and open new possibilities for you. Presently, you should realize how important the mobile YP business directory is and why to give it a go. That's why you should pick Alauras IYP and & Mobile Portals!