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All business ecos have been affected by globalization to some degree. Whether it's a European supplier or a new market abroad, never before has internationalization been more important. The ability to communicate and transact business in multiple languages, currencies and cultures has become necessary. Many businesses are taking the first step in meeting these needs by establishing multi-lingual web content only to find that expectations extend to their intranet, extranet and ASP access of mission critical systems.

Finding a software development team that understands foreign languages, appreciates culture diversity and has the technical background to provide efficient effective IT solutions can be difficult. Fortunately, this is a cornerstone in the evolution of Alauras Software. Our firm has sought out and hired programming staff from multiple locations internationally, looking for the best and brightest to create Alauras solutions. We maintain dedicated programming staff in five countries who speak an average of three languages. Few companies can provide internationalization as naturally in the course of software development as Alauras. Whether it is adding multilingual capabilities to a web interface or multiple languages to a legacy system, Alauras can provide the solution.