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Legacy Integration
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When purchasing or developing a new application, taking a detailed assessment of existing legacy systems is a critical step. Most companies have made significant investments over the years in systems to support ongoing business operations. Therefore it is rare that any manager can consider a new IT solution, toolset or even a small application without significant thought about integration.

Your organization may have secured the latest publishing tool or a state of the art billing system but also know the need for a full feature CRM, sales force automation solution or a secure web interface. This integration requires planning and a thorough knowledge of outcome requirements. Your organization may have acquired two new systems from disparate vendors, both assuring you that seamless integration was easily achieved... only to find it is not. Referred to as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), these integration efforts can be simple and straight forward or frustrating and expensive with the wrong development partner.

Alauras Software has experience with a wide range of EAI. Whether the needed integration is data, application, method or UI we can provide the solution required. As development specialists we have had the opportunity to enable our advanced solutions across multiple platforms and over a significant number of legacy systems. Our teams are skilled and experienced, fully understanding what needs to be done to insure seamless integration to a legacy system or the development of a custom solution. With Alauras there are no costly surprises and few limitations. On time, on budget and on target - it's the Alauras way.