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Cost-effective and accurate way to send yellow page proofs for approval

ProofQuick is an online proofing solution for the yellow page industry, specifically built to help YP publishers gain more control in meeting their canvass close dates. This web solution allows your customers to see their proof, mark and edit the proof in their browser, easily approve and then deliver approval to the designer in seconds. Your team doesn't need to install or download any special software. They can literally get started right now! With our web based proofing solution, you can post any format you use for yellow page ads - PDF's JPG's, GIF's, or EPS. ProofQuick supports over 120 different graphics file formats!

Main features:

  • Easy management of proofing process
  • Revisions tracking and control
  • Online Approver markup tools
  • Account administration & users management functionality
  • Detailed reports
  • Search proofs by canvass, book or UDAC
  • Full archive of all activity
  • Customizable email notification
  • Full archive of all activity
  • Fast access via link from secure servers

Main benefits:

  • Accelerating canvass close dates
  • Helping to eliminate late submissions
  • Significant cost savings
  • Significant time savings
  • Easy start, no software to install or download


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